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Thoughtful + Strategic


Sweet City Studio is built on creativity that lasts. The power of growing a connected and returning audience through enriched content. We believe that quality development is better than short-lived spikes. We take our time to carefully analyze and develop marketing that best serves your current goals and invests in your future plans.

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Small Town Grown

Sweet City Studio comes from the name of our small town, Eaton, NY. Also known as Log City. It's a town with one gas station and a few houses. A place where we lived down the street from our grandparents, our great grandparents, and neighbors that we've known for decades. Think cold winters, deep grass summers, and a slowness that is still beloved. We grew up on paper plates of homemade food out in an open field, and swimming in the pond. 


After years of traveling, living, and working around the country. We are still grounded by our small-town upbringing. We believe in a holistic, integrated approach. Everything works together. 

Sweet City is the perfect combination of our slow and steady roots with our fast-paced startup, small biz backgrounds. A useful combination for modern times. 

Let's see what we can create together. 

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