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Sweet Services

Just a taste! 


From Concept to Launched

We work meticulously to provide you with a fully integrated brand package. Turning your thoughts into visible designs. This includes brand standards for online, print, and social. Along with brand voice and branded content. The objective is to create branding that will best support your marketing efforts and strategies.

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Digital Marketing

A Fully Activated Plan

No marketing campaign is complete without a carefully crafted plan! We use data insight, brand audits, and industry standards to build out a custom digital marketing plan for your business. This plan includes email marketing, paid social media marketing, brand positioning, and google ads. 

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Social Media

Quality Content + Partnerships

More specifically, this includes a full social media takeover. That means social media audits, content creation, account management, paid social media marketing, influencer outreach, content series development, and audience development.  Our goal is to highly target your audience through quality content.

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Website Overhaul

Designed, Developed, Marketed

We have the capabilities to not only design and brand your website. But to fully develop, build-out, and set it up for success with SEO, keyword analysis, and follow-up auditing. Or if you're looking for something more simple. We can always maintain website updates, SEO upkeep, and quarterly audits.

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Marketing Assets

From Digital to Print

Sweet City creates all of the marketing resources needed. Internal decks, templates, print assets, stickers, merch, direct mail, posters, and so much more. Essentially, whatever it is you need. We most likely can create it. 

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